JackBot 5.0 Specifications


JackBot 5.0 combines a radically new ultra performance visual processor architecture, supported by exceptional business entrepreneurship, client engagement and team management experience chipsets.

Both hemispheres of his “brain” are programmed to participate in a balanced manner. This enables him to create design solutions that are emotionally desirable and simply useable.

A self-charging lithium-ion battery ensures consistent performance as he produces high quality designs for innovative software, compelling websites and engaging
interactive entertainment.

Communication features include Mandarin Chinese and American English cultural sensors, accurate business positioning system, IncrediVision™ display and Collaborwave™ wireless networking.

Firmware History:
  • Ultraformance™
    Core visual processor
  • MultiUI™
    Usability, scalability, profitability and desirability chipsets
  • GigaPerience™
    34 GB non-volatile 95000MHz memory module
  • Culturalizer™
    Communication sensors
  • Collaborwave™
    Wireless networking
  • LeaderChip™
    Global positioning system

Included Accessories:

  • Flowfication
    1200dpi enhanced quality output
  • IncrediVision™
    Clear thought resolution display

Additonal Information

Development Timeline (PDF)

(206) 769-8895

> TV Show
> Invention
> Passion

0.8 Entrepreneur Edition
  • Enrolls as a research subject at Seattle University in the field of communication protocols.
  • Entrepreneur Intelligence, CD-Rom Software Retail Store Edition establishes operation of Digio Multimedia and Video Game retail store.
  • Concurrent release of Entrepreneur Intelligence, Video Production Business Edition enables Digio Video Studio.
  • Art Director program, release 1 at Northwest Asian Weekly Publications, a weekly newspaper publisher.
  • Debugged Art Director program, release 2 at International Examiner, a Bi-Weekly newspaper and publisher.

1.0 Designer Edition

  • Relocates lab to Pioneer Square, Downtown Seattle.
  • Updates client, team and business management algorithms.
  • Creation of event posters, identify design, billboard design, bus ads and other design algorithms of real world projects.
  • Refinement of core design processor logic.
  • Integration of internet based technology.
  • Degree of approval from Seattle University in Journalism and Mass Communication.
  • Joint venture with Seanet, a premiere Internet Service Provider in the development of Inhaus Web Design.

2.0 Agency Edition

  • Installs .com network frequency hopping techology.
  • Minor firmware updates were aggressively implemented by various creative agencies and internet companies.
  • Microsoft installs a temporary patch.
  • USWEB/CKS installs Senior Designer algorithm.
  • Interactive Bureau/Circle.com installs Design Director algorithm.

3.0 Microsoft Language Learning Edition

  • Micosoft acquires JackBot.
  • Installs Encarta Language Learning design manager protocol.
  • Design vision and creation of Encarta Language Interactive CD-Rom v.1 in 5 language editions.
  • Design vision and creation of Encarta Language Learning Online v.1 is realized in 5 languages.

4.0 Microsoft Casual Games Edition

  • Installs Microsoft Casual Games/MSN Games/Zone.com product design management protocol.
  • Recreates Zone.com from a multi-player game matching service to a v.1 casual games site.
  • Retools v.2 design to become MSN Games.
  • Incubates and guides the Product Design team to create the first version of MSN Messenger Games services.
  • Leads Product Design team to create over 10 internally produced games for website, download and MSN Internet Messenger.
  • Actualizes product design concepts for Xbox Live Arcade from incubation stage thru product approval.
  • Redesigns v.3 redesign of MSN Games.
  • Founding memeber of the internal casual game development studio, Carbonated Games.
  • Activates incubation sequences of various innovative mobile and platform products plus game concepts as an executive management member of the Microsoft Casual Games Group.

5.0 Deluxe Edition

  • Factory embedded Microsoft timer expires.
  • IdeaShare™ USB connectors ensures proper distribution of creative juices.

* JackBot 5.0 was originally designed and manufactured in Taiwan 41 years ago. A list of contributors to its upgrades is available upon request.